Nick works at the intersection of Digital Design, Art, Architecture, and Theory. Through artistic methods and design research approaches, he investigates performative, material, and political dimensions of (urban) digitalization projects like Digital Twins and simulations. Furthermore, Nick teaches courses in the field of digital design, theory of urban digitization, and critical mapping. Currently, he is a Research Associate at the Chair of Architectural Informatics at the Technical University of Munich.

Additionally, Nick participated in diverse artistic projects, exhibitions, and research endeavors. In collaboration with the medium Lena-Maria Stupitzky he investigates paranormal phenomena of the digital domain. With the collective P.O.N.R. he was involved in several activist and performative projects in public space. In collaboration with Elena Markus, he founded the “Agency for Architectural Labor,” leading to exhibitions, workshops, and texts. These engagements led to publications in journals like Arch+ or the International Journal of Computational Design in Architecture.

Labour, Collaborations,

P.o.N.R. (Performance and Occasional Architecture Collective)
Agentur für Architekturarbeit (Theory and Art Collective)
Münchner Forum (Association for Citizen Engagement)
Parity Board (TUM Department of Architecture)
Nodeconsult GmbH (Digital Design)
Exhibitions and installations:
2023 | Kunst-Förderpreisausstellung Fürstenfeldbruck with Lena-Maria Stupitzky
2023 | Architecture SF - Science Fiction, Social Friction, Spatial Fantasies at Pavillon333 (Pinakothek der Moderne Munich)
2022 | Tools of Play - Metastadt, Contribution to the Exhibition "Making Theory" at the Architekturschaufenster Karlsruhe
2021 | Frauen in der Architektur: Facts and Figures, Exhibition at the Women in Architecture Festival Berlin
2020 | Glyptotheke, Installation in Public Space, Königsplatz Munich
2018 | SiedlungsRequiem, Exhibition at the Lothringer 13, Munich
2018 | Narzissfragmente, Stage Design for Schönberg's Pierrot Lunaire, Studiobühne Munich
2016 | Lückenfülle, Temporary Intervention in Public Space, Rothmannplatz Munich

Matti Drechsel, Nick Förster, Gerhard Schubert, and Frank Petzold: Situating Digital Participation. Incorporating material contextual and performative learnings into digital toolkits, upcoming
Ilayda Memis and Nick Förster: Architecture SF. Exploring science fiction perspectives in architecture, upcoming
Elena Markus and Nick Förster: Dirty Realism in Stuttgart – Ein Versuch zur regionalen Theorie des Schmutzes, in: ARCH+ 248, 2022
Nick Förster and Ivan Bratoev: Critical Modeling, in: Technology|Architecture + Design, 2022
P.O.N.R., Protest Posters, in: Journal by schnitzer& 6.2022
Nick Förster, Gerhard Schubert, and Frank Petzold: Rebugging the Smart City. Design Explorations of Digital Urban Infrastructure, in: Proceedings of CAADRIA, 2022
Nick Förster, Ivan Bratoev, Jakob Fellner, Gerhard Schubert and Frank Petzold: Collaborating with the Crowd, in: International Journal of Architectural Computation, 2022
Maria Schlüter and Nick Förster: Stufen und Stacheldraht. Ein Interventionistisches Portrait der Baustelle, TUM Department of Architecture, 2021
Nick Förster, Ivan Bratoev, Jakob Fellner, Gerhard Schubert and Frank Petzold: Designing Crowd Safety, in: Proceedings of CAADRIA, 2021
Nick Förster and Maria Schlüter: Glyptotheke, in: Standpunkte, 2019
Nick Förster:  Monaco Komplex, in: Bayern, München. Eine Raumverfälschung, 2019
Elena Markus and Nick Förster: SiedlungsRequiem, TUM Department of Architecture, 2018
Selected Workshops, Performances, Lectures:

2023 | Cybernetic Séances at the "Festival der Zukunft" (German Museum, Munich) and "Desorientierungstage" (Pavillion 333 at the Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich)
2022 | The Stories We Tell Ourselves, Contribution to the Summerschool of the Kunstverein München (with P.O.N.R.)
2022 | Tools of Play: Planungsstrategien der Metastadt, Talk at the Goethe Universität Frankfurt with Nathalie Bredella and Benjamin Beil within the program "Architectures of Order"
2021 | Lecture Series Histories of Digitization, in Collaboration with Nathalie Bredella, TU Munich
2021 | Yellow Submarine, Speculative Performance in Public Space and Mockumentary (P.o.N.R.)
2021 | Moderation at the conference Figurations of Gender, Munich
since 2020 | Workshops in collaboration with XR Hub Bavaria, at Technical University of Munich
2019 | Xerox Ideology Workshop, Viper Gallery, Prague and Munich
2018 | SiedlungsRequiem, Workshop and Event Series, Lothringer13 Munich
Prizes, Scholarships, Competitions:

2023 | Art "Förderpreis" of the City of Fürstenfeldbruck with Lena-Maria Stupitzky
2022 | P.O.N.R wins the "Förderpreis" of the City of Munich, Domain Architecture
2019 | Senator Bernhard Borst Award of the TUM Department of Architecture
2019 | Admission at the "Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes" scholarship
2017 | 1. Price in the Baumeister-Ideas-Competition "Lucullus Palace" with Janina Sieber
2017 | 1. Price in the Idea-Competition "Travaillez Jamais!" with Janina Sieber
2017 | Nomination of "Lückenfülle" for the Polis-Award 2017 with Maria Schlüter, Sophie Ramm and Leila Unland
2013 | Admission at the "Max Weber Programm" scholarship of the State of Bavaria