Xerox Ideology
Research and critical design workshop
In collaboration with Elena Markus
at the Viper Gallery with the Spolka Collective
Prague and Munich, 2019-2020

Since a building cannot emancipate from economic and societal imperative, we are in particular interested in schemes and structures which allow a redefinition of the discipline as a medium enabling a critical narrative. In contrast to the normative practice of architecture, the project operates with the resources of critical design – articulating a new perspective in between activism, ad hoc, and socio-material approach with a view to the existing critical forms in art and protest culture.
Based on an event series and collaborative workshop, we explored the potential of subversive media - like punk fanzines - for architectural and urban discourses. Back in Munich, this thinking led to an investigation of urban controversies, which were ultimately depicted in a xerox interpretation of a website.
Workshop with:
Max Boehringer, Martin Bumbál, Ferdinand Brunhold, Lorena Cirillo, Julius Grambow, Sabine Kees, Lena Kirsch, Lucia Kolesárová, Teresa Kunkel,  Leah Maue, Moritz Neumann, Fausto Prezioso, Felix Röettger, Felix Schröder, Mirko Schüetz, Maike Steidler, Sophie Streibl, Sophie Schwarz, Stefan Ullmann, Kyrylo Zhornovyi

The fanzine emerging at the Viper Gallery: resulting from an engagement with subversive media in architecture.

Back in Munich, this engagement led to an investigation of urban development and planning projects. We remixed this research in a web-fanzine.