Dirty Realism in Stuttgart
Ein versuch zur regionalen theorie des Schmutzes
Theory Roadtrip and Photoessay
in collaboration with Elena Markus
in: ARCH+ 248, Stuttgart – Die produktive Stadtregion und die Zukunft der Arbeit, 2022
"Dirty Realism" becomes our performative lens through which we explore the City-Region of Stuttgart - a landscape that seems to be caught in a pre-post-industrial limbus. Our drift begins in front of the prison wall of Stammheim, where idealism ended in Germany. From there, we wander to Porsche's suburban home and to the uncanny roots of the automotive success story. We drift through the industrial wastelands of Untertürkheim and Böblingen, following the journey of a commuting Einsamer Krieger until we are stranded in front of the factory Horkheimer. The air-pollution monitors at the roadside and the notoriously poisonous atmosphere of Stuttgart bind together our Odyssee.